How to dress like… a motherf**king pimp

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To dress like a 21st century pimp, you will need the following…

1 Pimplicious hat


Starting at the top, we recommend this Kangol X Stereo Palmer Trilby. That’s how we do. BUY IT

2 Supa dupa fly shades


Wraparound designer sunglasses by Marc Jacobs. Because you don’t want to be blinded by your bling.

3 Pimp chalice


Follow in the footsteps of hip-hop star Lil John and get yourself a bejeweled crunk chalice. It’s up to you what you put in it – Cristal champagne, gin and juice, cheap White Lightning cider etc.

4 Diamond fronts


For your teeth, beeyatch.

5 Faux mink coat
We don’t do real fur, so make it fake.

6 ‘Pimpin’ ain’t easy’ Pimp watch


You got to know what time it is.

7 Ornate cane


For beating on your hos, when they step out of line. And for beating on other pimps, when they try and muscle in on your turf. And for helping you walk in a straight line when you’re loaded on crack.

8  A Pimpish name
Try this pimp-name generator. I came up with ‘G Digital Oliver Flava’. How you like me now?

9 Bling


Lots of bling. As much as you want. You can never have too much.

10 Nike SB Dunk Low


In patent leather with horsehair trim. Cuban heels are so 20th century. BUY THEM