Buy your own TucTuc on eBay. It’s the only way to travel

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Today (Mon 15th Jan.), from midday, you will be able to bid on eBay to buy your very own TucTuc (or motorised rickshaw – they are also commonly known as tuk-tuks). TucTuc Limited is auctioning off two of its famous TucTuc fleet,
launched in Brighton and Hove (as an alternative taxi service) in July 2006.

The Heatwave and
Daruma models (each TucTuc was painted in a unique livery) will be the first from the launch fleet to be auctioned. These are limited-edition, one-off vehicles, so we don’t expect you’ll get too much change from £5,000 if you want to ride home in one. More details after the click…

Each TucTuc has been fitted with safety features, including passenger and driver
seatbelts, overhead strengthening and side impact protection, and have
been fully approved to drive on European roads. They run on CNG
(Compressed Natural Gas) making them a low-emission, green mode of transport. You do need a full driver’s licence to take the
vehicles on the road.

Following the successful auction of these
vehicles, it is likely that TucTuc will continue to auction
further original fleet vehicles. The auction is part of the company’s
plan to introduce a new, larger fleet of vehicles to Brighton and Hove
in Spring 2007. These new vehicles are also expected to launch in
London’s West End, 2007.

As a resident of Brighton & Hove, I have been lucky enough to travel in one as a passenger, and I can say that they are much more fun to ride in than a bog-standard taxi – three wheels really is better than four. The perfect present for the man who has everything (except his own motorised rickshaw).