Would you buy Asda’s £19 suit?

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Asda has just launched what it claims is Britain’s cheapest suit. Customers can now pick up the suit for just £19 as part of Asda’s George clothing range. Normally the jacket would retail at £19 and the
trousers at £6 – still bloody cheap. I’m not sure I could face wearing a suit that costs less than a couple of KFC family buckets. A suit is a special garment and you shouldn’t cut corners when buying one.

But for one week the supermarket is giving away the trousers for free when customers buy a jacket. George’s managing director, Angela Spindler, said: ‘It is not a
stitch-up I assure you. You really can be a cut above the rest with
change from £20 thanks to George.’ So many puns, Angela!

The machine-washable, black, single-breasted suit is on sale now. Not sure what it’s made from, but it sure as hell isn’t wool. Polyester, we guess.

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By ShinyMedia | January 16th, 2007

  • Regardless of price, if you buy a suit from a supermarket, you’ve already given up on fashion.

  • english_gent

    this suit is by no means a fashion item.

    due to the chronically low price and machine washable capabillitys its a garment of utility.

    this suit will be snapped up by office workers on 12k per year who dont care what they wear and ‘wearout’ to work .

    it will also come in handy to the unemployed with a court apperarance in the pipelines heh !

  • Ollie, Brandish Ed.

    Fair point Gent – I shouldn’t be too sniffy about it, I know. But would you wear it? I know I wouldn’t!