Lifepod Rocksteady retro iPod speaker bag

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There are loads of things to plug your iPod into, but none as cool as this. Retro design crashes headlong into modern technology with the fabulous Lifepod Rocksteady retro iPod speaker bag.

It’s pretty much a vintage holdall (very much like the sports bags from the late seventies) in a range of colour schemes and has all the room that you’d expect from a medium-sized sports bag. However, this
bag has one major difference from other holdalls – it houses a
speaker system. Just plug in your iPod or MP3 player using the supplied
cables and play your tunes through the 3w sound system. Perfect for when you’re dossing around or walking down the street trying to look like Lee Perry (or something). You can buy the bags online, priced at $130 (around £70). BUY IT

[via RetroToGo]