Karhu Trainers

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If you’re sick of wearing big label trainers like Adidas or Nike, then how about this small Finnish company called Karhu? Karhu have been taking
advantage of its sportswear legacy by reintroducing classic designs
under the Karhu Originals banner.

They’ve a pretty big range of shoes out, but most notable are the Karhu Originals Olympic trainers.
They’re available in leather or suede and in a wide range of colours (I especially like the yellow and black Bruce Lee Game of Death ones myself). The trainers are so named because they were part of the Olympic uniform
for the Finnish team in 1972, and judging them by looks alone, it’s hardly surprising that they brought them back for mass production.

They’ll set you back around £70 (the Karhu site has a list of places
where you can buy them
) and if there isn’t a place in your country, email [email protected] to buy online.

By mofgimmers | January 22nd, 2007