Everybody’s talking about… ‘Wincing the Night Away’, The Shins’ new album

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Are The Shins are about to crack the UK in a big way? They’re reasonably well-known over here at the moment, thanks mostly to exposure in Zach Braff’s rubbish movie ‘Garden State’, in which Natalie Portman’s character is a huge Shins fan – she tells Braff’s character that their song ‘New Slang’ will change his life.

Anyway, they have a new album out, ‘Wincing the Night Away’. And… it’s very good, arguably better than their two previous long-players, ‘Oh Inverted World’ and ‘Chutes Too Narrow’. If you’ve not heard their stuff before, then how to describe it? How about ‘Melodic guitar pop, with nods to Brian Wilson, Morrissey and Pavement’. Oh, just buy it already… LINK

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