Playstation 3 gets European release date

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Write this down. Friday March 23rd.

That’s the day the Playstation3 finally goes on sale in Europe… and it’s also the day that you won’t stand a snowball in hell’s chance of getting one (unless you’re a clever clogs and pre-ordered one). For the rest of us, start queueing now.

Only the 60GB version will be available at launch for £425 (annoyingly, everywhere outside the UK will be paying £395) and the 20GB version will come later.

There will be one million PS3 units going on sale on March 23, with around 250,000-300,000 expected to come to the UK. Sony said there will also be an update of the system software to ‘enhance the entertainment potential’ of the PS3, but no details on what that means. Stay tuned for updates.

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