Video Friday: 15 classic Super Bowl ads

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With the Super Bowl less than two weeks ago, let us treat you to 15 classic Super Bowl TV ads…

1 Terry Tate, Office Linebacker (Reebok)

2 Macintosh, 1984 (Apple)

3 ‘Great Taste’ catfight (Miller Lite)

4 Mean Joe Greene (Coca-Cola)

5 Zebra replay (Budweiser)

6 Burt Reynolds v dancing bear (Fed-Ex)

7 Superman walks again (Nuveen)

8 Bohemian Rhapsody (Mountain Dew)

9 Wardrobe Malfunction (Go Daddy)

10 Crime-deterrent phone (Sprint)

11 Elmer Bruker (Miller Lite)

12 We just wasted 2 million bucks (E*Trade)

13 Prince is back! (Super Bowl)

14 Parachuting (Bud Light)

15 Start poppin’ (Pizza Hut)

By ShinyMedia | January 26th, 2007