Most wanted: Casino Royale on DVD

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It’s not even out until 19 March, but the forthcoming DVD release – the usual two-disc collectors’ edition – of new Bond romp ‘Casino Royale’ is already a runaway leader at the top of Amazon’s ‘Hot 100 DVD’ charts. You have been able to download shaky cam-recorded versions of the movie via Bittorrent sites for ages now, but there’s not much satisfaction in watching one of those (so I’ve heard – Brandish would never engage in illegal downloading, hell no).

Having watched Casino Royale at the cinema over Christmas (remember Christmas?), I’m looking forward to watching it again. It’s undoubtedly one of the better Bond films (up there with Goldeneye and Goldfinger) and Daniel Craig is the only 007 to give Sean Connery a run for his casino chips. PRE-ORDER IT

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By ShinyMedia | January 30th, 2007