Samsung Techwin SGR-A1 robot sentry – ‘You have less than 20 seconds to comply…’

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The SGR-A1 robot sentry is currently being developed by the Korea University and
Samsung Techwin Co. The latter has released a promo video
showcasing the robot’s capabilities (watch it after the jump). The video shows how the robot
tracks its target, and also its ability to shoot at
targets that do not respond to an initial verbal warning.

seems that the robot can verbally command an enemy to
surrender (if you understand the soldier’s arms held high to indicate surrender – which I do). The robot
can recognize this gesture and then not fire. If the target does not comply (are you thinking ‘Robocop’ too?)
then, as shown in the video, the SGR-A1 can be damn ruthless in
taking out the target. Like we said, click below for the video… [Via AI&R]

Both impressively scary and scarily impressive. I bet James Cameron wants one for his home.

By ShinyMedia | January 30th, 2007