Vintage Milk Bottle Light Shades

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A lot of the stuff featured on Brandish is super suave and cool in design (we think so anyway), so to give you the flip side, here’s something quirky, retro and fun… and eco-friendly. Eco Home are selling vintage milk bottle light shades which will look great around the house.

All the bottles in the range (there’re many than the one pictured here) are pre-1987, and feature advertisements of the day such as the featured Crusha, as well as chocolate ads and a great ‘Sunday People –  A paper with bottle’!

You could be expected to pay a bit extra as they’re collector’s pieces on their own, but these have a practical purpose and have been amended to be used as quirky light shades.

As these are all genuine vintage bottles, numbers are limited and are available online for a paltry £28 each. BUY IT

[via RetroToGo]

By mofgimmers | February 1st, 2007