Haynes Manual bag

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Ah the Haynes Manual, brings back memories of when my dad was a mechanic. He would come in from the garage at night, wash his oily hands in Swarfega and then show us all the terrible injuries he’d sustained during the day over a Fosters or Supermalt (for him) and Turkish Delights (for me and my sister). Fond memories aside, the distinctive design of the Haynes Manual has become a classic and how better to show your car geekery roots than with a Haynes bag? It features a ‘groovy’ VW camper van and costs £17.99 from Hiccup gifts where you can buy matching Haynes mugs, keyrings and wallets. What I want to know is when they’re bringing out the Opel Kadett bag or the Nissan Sunny bag?

By Isabelle | February 12th, 2007