Fuzz Dandy: Online groovy threads

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FuzzdandyA lot of people are flummoxed when trying to hunt down cool retro threads. It’s often hard to find sixties and seventies originals that are reasonably priced and/or in a good condition. It’s easy to find the stuff you like, but not necessarily in your size.

Well thankfully, Fuzz Dandy are on hand to help. Reproducing vintage cuts and styles, Fuzz Dandy offer a great range of well fitted flares, Mod cardigans, striped Tees straight off the back of the beatnicks of Haight & Ashbury and more.

The prices range from a very reasonable £30 for a pair of cords to £22 for a slim-fit cardigan. As they’re new, you can be certain that they’ll have your size and that they won’t be full of moth holes.