T-post t-shirt subscription service

Isabelle Clothing 1 Comment

 T-post have got the perfect solution if you want to make an effort with your clothes but don’t fancy donning an Elizabethan ruff, or gold leggings. Simply subscribe to their t-shirt news service and every six weeks you’ll receive a t-shirt with a design based on a current news story; you’ll also have the news story behind the design printed on the inside of the t-shirt. T-post say ‘You may not always hear about your T-post’s story from the traditional news media but in our opinion you should have.’

By Isabelle | March 1st, 2007

  • jeremyjacks

    I started getting a t-shirt subscription from Mailbox Tees, and I love it. I totally get compliments on the shirts. My GF got it for me. It’s an awesome gift. Check it out! www. mailboxtees.com