Adidas Stan Smith Safety Trainers

mofgimmers Footwear 2 Comments

StansmithsafetyStan Smith’s Safety Shoes by Adidas are not to be tackled by anyone owning a lisp. That said, should you cover yourself in drool trying to say it, these super-fly trainers should deflect enough attention away from your mouth.

The safety collection of the 80s is being re-visited by Adidas and is now mixed with the great Stan Smith style. These sneaks feature a great floral patterned upper which has the classic Adidas perforation holes on both sides, branding logos on the rear and an oil resistant rubber sole. Available from Schuh for a measly £54.99.


By mofgimmers | March 6th, 2007

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  • These Adidas Originals Stan Smith trainers are available now at