Joe Browns: good for a laugh but not much else

Isabelle Clothing Leave a Comment

It’s not very often that I will give sartorial orders, but this is one of those times. Go and get yourself a Joe Browns catalogue and take a look at the hilarious write-ups, but on no account should you buy anything from it. Their sub-brand Indystar "have cornered the market in free thinking, free living clothing" which basically means they do a roaring trade in awful faux-vintage t-shirts. Their clothes make me think of clueless Hooray Henry first year students who dress like beach bums even though they’re at Leeds or somewhere equally chilly; which coincidentally is where the company is located. My favourite description is this one: "Sailing, surfing, sunning yourself – whatever you plan to do this
summer, this multi stripe polo is so versatile it’ll take you anywhere
– and you’ll probably end up at the beach bar." Twats.