Russell Crowe kits out footie players in Armani

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Russell Crowe’s Australian rugby team "The South Sydney Rabbitohs" will now travel to matches in Armani tailor-made suits designed to "pick up on the team’s rich history." The gruff Australian has tried to update the team’s image by making games more family friendly, and hopes these new new suits will make the players feel like the business. He said: "there can be no better way to arrive for matches than standing tall and feeling confident because of Giorgio Armani’s magic". The team debut their new suits on the 16th. Armani said: "Russell Crowe does not call often and when he does, it is usually about something very important. For me sportsmen are
like modern day gladiators and because they have to show real
dedication and skill they are an inspiration for all of us.

By Isabelle | March 15th, 2007