Style Icon: Simon Amstell

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Simon Amstell is a bit of a hero of mine, obviously he doesn’t have a long history of sartorial excellence but he’s a pretty good dresser and funny to boot. I used to drag myself out of bed on 9.30 on a Sunday, brew up some coffee and watch him and Miquita Oliver terrorise talentless singers on Popworld. Now he’s all grown up, and on Never Mind The Buzzcocks replacing Mark Lamarr as the acerbic host. His charming delivery belies the endless torrent of insults and has given us some classic TV moments, like when idiot-rocker Donny Tourette tried to take on the other guests, 4 of which are professional comedians. I also like Amstell’s style on the show, his flowery shirts, v-neck jumpers and ties are an understated but stylish look. Liberty do great floral shirts that look brilliant matched with masculine v-necks.