The Departed on DVD

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Picture_1 The Departed is not the movie Martin Scorsese should have finally won a ‘Best Director’ Oscar for (he should have won one for both Goodfellas and Raging Bull), but it’s still a damn enjoyable film. It’s a remake of Infernal Affairs, a cult Hong Kong action film about the criss-crossing fortunes of an undercover cop and an undercover gangster, who infiltrated each other’s territory.

The best thing about The Departed is not Scorsese’s direction, but the razor-sharp script, which gives a stellar cast the chance to really flex their acting muscles. Leo Di Caprio and Matt Damon are very good in the lead roles, and Jack Nicholson is in devilish form as the bad guy, but it’s the cameo performances that stand out, particularly Mark Wahlberg as a foul-mouthed cop who has the last laugh. Out on DVD now. BUY IT