Collar stiffeners a-gogo

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Collar stiffeners eh, who’d a thunk it? They’re used to stop collars curling and keep shirts looking sharp. Quality shirts usually come with a plastic insert that breaks after a few washes so I’ve done a round up of  the collar stiffeners on the market. Collar stiffeners almost come into the ‘Innovations Catalogue’ area of pointless inventions but not quite. My first pair are from bespoke jewellers Form and cost £35. Form also do cufflinks, weddings rings and a ‘Blingin Four Finger Ring’ that you really should stay away from. See after the jump for more collar stiffeners.


John Pinder have got some plastic collar stiffeners that come in a lovely little box for for the cheap price of £3.50. Simon Carter have got some rhodium collar stiffeners (not pictured) for £15. My favourites are the T.M. Lewin mother of pearl collar stiffeners (left), they’re a bit pricey at £40 but absolutely gorgeous. If I was foolhardy with my money which I’m not I’d be tempted to buy a pair just to gaze at their lustrous sheen.

By Isabelle | March 22nd, 2007

  • Marcus

    Good collar bones are essential if you want your shirts to look presentable.

    I highly recommend the Thomas Pink brass ones – they’re only £8 a pair and have a real nice weight to them.

    They also do mother of pearl and sterling silver ones.

    Alternatively, I must have about 50 plastic ones cluttering up a drawer – I have no idea why I keep them?