Bespoke suits on the web from A Suit That Fits

Isabelle Clothing 3 Comments


It’s the future! So if you need a bespoke suit now you can buy it on the internet. A Suit That Fits offer a bespoke service online and will deliver the finished product within 6-8 weeks. I would advise spending the extra £20 it costs to go and have a fitting, as that’s what really makes it a bespoke suit and will make all the difference to the finished product. You can buy a suit from around £250 upwards, and even if you don’t have to wear suits at work it is a good idea to try to get a well cut suit for important occasions. After about two years of searching my tall rake of a boyfriend found a gem of a suit for £13 in a charity shop. So if you’ve got bags of time go for the charity shop option, but if you’ve three months give A Suit That Fits a go.

By Isabelle | March 28th, 2007

  • David Walker

    No tailor worth his salt will let you walk away with a suit without three fittings. If he does, you really shouldn’t be using him.

  • Mark

    6 months later, no suit, £400 down. A Suit That Fits is awful.

  • mark wyllie

    These guys are useless and disorganised. They still owe me a refund of £120 and are refusing to contact me. The suits were late, the fitting room and shop is a joke. Don’t waste your money