Special Edition ‘Good versus Evil’ Opus football table

Isabelle Uncategorized 3 Comments

Our lovely Bag Lady Kat found a gem of a toy for me, an amazing limited

edition football table with Good and Evil as the football teams. It’s available from 20ltd, the site that offers 20 special limited edition products at a time. The full squad line-up is after the jump but manufacturers The Eleven Forty Company are pitting Santa Claus and Mary Poppins against Pol Pot and the Childcatcher; the picture above shows Hitler trying to psych out Francis of Assisi. The hand-painted detailed figurines are set into a hand-crafted maple cabinet which retails at £14,500. It sounds quite pricey but 400 man-hours go into making each table. The only dilemma is which side you’re on; sounds like a perfect toy for a philosopher’s games room!