Ring-Thing bottle opener

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There is nothing worse than being at a barbecue and scrambling around someone’s kitchen looking for that elusive bottle opener. The sun is out and it doesn’t seem unreasonable to want your beer now!

Well, help is literally at hand with a simple band of stainless steel. Slip the Ring Thing on your finger that you’ve give the bird with and you are ready to tackle your unquenched thirst. You wear the Ring Thing with ‘cat’s ears’ facing your palm
and hook a beer bottle cap, lift wrist and you’re away. It’s available from Think Geek in sizes 8-15 and yours for a measly $7.99. 

By mofgimmers | April 10th, 2007

  • JKB

    why would I want a fancy ‘ring’ opener when in the picture you show a twist cap with an arrow. Twist & drink. And I am not even blonde!