Cheap Adidas trainers and clothing?

mofgimmers Clothing 1 Comment

Adidas_gazelleHardened eBayers will no doubt be aware of this useful trick, but some of you might just be paying over the odds for your footwear! You should know that Adidas is a German brand (founded by Adi Dassler… hence the name) so where is the best place to look for your three stripes? In Germany of course!

Most people go straight to or when looking to bid, but how many of you look to (the German eBay) or (the French one obviously). Looking on the German eBay reveals a treasure trove of very cheap Adidas gear, much of it not available on these shores! Don’t be afraid of the language barrier either. If you’re looking on the German site click the Diesen Artikel Beobchten which means ‘watch this item’, log into the English version, go into My eBay, Items I’m Watching and BINGO! There’s you item! Happy hunting.

By mofgimmers | April 11th, 2007