Schuh flip flop

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There’s an old psychedelic tune that starts with "Summertime’s here kiddies and it’s time to take a trip… " Now, we at Brandish can hardly advise you to start taking hallucinogenic drugs (although it is the easiest way to touch the hand of God) but we can use it to give you a tenuous link to summer, and it being time to… wear sandals (that was hard work wasn’t it?).

Yep, at Schuh, they’ve got these great flip-flops which are nice and casual and a pretty cool style for the summer of 2007. Of course, you’ll need something cool for sitting in the beer garden now you can’t smoke indoors (it doesn’t include smoking loins). These rascals come with some frayed edging on one of the straps, a leather strap and a fabric lined footbed. These sandals also have a rubber soul [sic]. See!? Psychedelia! I knew I could bring it full circle…

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