Fine and dandy

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DandybookThe Sunday Times interviewed three young men about their love for the dandy style. Guy Hills who runs Dashing Tweeds said: "I dress to amuse both myself and others. I like it when people smile at me in
the street, when what I wear provokes a reaction from passers-by. People have
no problem approaching me, and I like that." Phil Cazal of The Cazals said: It’s about
being attention-grabbing – you have to be noticed to be noticed. It’s a
way of setting myself apart. I think every person gains a certain power from

Johnny Vertoutre who runs Time For Tea said: "I think there’s a lot less individualism today than there was a few years ago.
People want to blend in, because they’re frightened they might get noticed
or pointed at." If dressing up is your cup of tea, but you haven’t quite acheived it yet look no further than How to Be a Complete Dandy: A Little Guide for Rakes, Bucks, Swells, Cads and Wits by Stephen Robins. For a slightly more serious read you can buy 21st Century Dandy by Christopher Breward, the book that accompanied the exhibition organised by the British Council.