Abercrombie Gill Brook Polo

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Gill_brook Polo shirts these days seem to be the preserve of everyone, and I mean everyone. From the (fake) Hackett clad Chavs, to the trendy, little emo boys, to the toffee-nosed, Richmond-Rugby set, most blokes favour this "smarter" alternative to its collarless cousin at one time or the other.

But for all its ubiquity in the fashion world, its only Penguin Polos that really do it for me these days. There are some classic Fred Perrys out their too, but again, there’s something about that laurel leaf motif that has me thinking "hooligan".

God Bless Abercrombie and Fitch. The purveyors of prep are often guilty of churning out a load of New England-stylee blandness, or overusing the distressed look that is so unfathomably favourable in men’s fashion today (just wear your jeans for seven years dammit, don’t fake it). So I was pleasantly surprised by the sight of this stripy saviour on their website, all clean and crisp like some newly resurrected cotton-based messiah… sorry, I really do like it that much.

Hyperbole aside, the Gill Brook is a great polo. Despite Abercrombie’s failings, their clothes are hard wearing – My eight year old "Betty Page" tee is testament to that. With that in mind, the £50 price tag doesn’t seem so bad.