Ewan McGregor loves AussieBum, not Wonderjock

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EwanaussieEwan McGregor has hit the news recently thanks to his love of AussieBum pants, the brand that includes Wonderjock, the undercrackers that emphasise your assets. A substantial order of the pants lead to a credit check which prompted the news story but Ewan’s people were quick to deny the story: "AussieBum has written an apology to us over it, it is not true at all," said a spokesperson.
Seems like they’re getting their knickers in a twist over nothing as it’s fairly common knowledge that Ewan is pretty well endowed. "He’s a fan of the brand generally and has bought several different items from the range but certainly not the Wonderjock" they added. Surely as he’s been happily married for over a decade, it doesn’t make any difference whether he enhances his "area" or not?