French Connection Stanton Jacket

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Gaudy, slogan infested tee-shirts and tatty shorts that reveal your skinny, pasty legs are fine for those steaming Summer days, but what about for the breezy evenings relaxing in your favourite beer garden or dining Al Fresco without a convenient patio heater nearby?

Well my sweaty, little friend, the answer lies in this slick, lightweight jacket from French Connection. Its allure lies in its simplicity and versatility, looking great with a pair of navy jeans and a crisp tee down the pub, or being handed over to the waiter at a decent restaurant.

And if its warm enough for you, I can guarantee that your date won’t mind this over her shoulders once she gets out into the "cold". They love that chivalrous stuff, unless of course you happen to be wearing your trampy, sorry, comfy old parka from secondary school…

£90 via [French Connection]