Crazy New Terratag Tee

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With a range of designs that includes giant, laser-wielding mechanoids, Japanese schoolgirls and Afrika Bambaataa’s Zulu Nation slogan printed on their clothing, I really shouldn’t be surprised by Terratag’s new range of t-shirts, but I am.

And on reflection, it isn’t just surprise I’m feeling. It’s fear. Fear because I want this shirt so badly in all its phosphorescent glory, but scared that I’d end up looking like the crazy old man in a club who thinks he’s "with it".

To hell with it, I’m sure I’ve worn worse, and at £25 it wouldn’t be a total waste of money. Especially seeing as each of the Terratag logos that make up the design have been hand printed onto the tee, ensuring that no two are alike. So if I do end up looking like an idiot, at least I’ll be a unique idiot.