Cool Analog Belt

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Agbelt Unless you’re a girl, over sized and conspicuous belt buckles are pretty naff. You only have to think of a particular design and the label that its lumbered with to feel all cringey and jelly-like.  An American eagle means you’re a Hell’s Angel. A skull and you’re a goth. Any band names makes you fourteen. MOSCHINO in large, dimante letters: Twat.

It’s high time that men should call out to be able to wear something bold and refreshing at waist level without the fear of arrest, persecution or being laughed at by their mates. And Analog Clothing have answered that call. The Analog Segment Belt (£29.99) has a simple enamel and chrome design. The deep yellow looks great for summer, and you can pretty much wear it with anything from a dark pair of jeans to pale shorts. Just make sure you don’t end up covering it up with a baggy top!