Tenderloin Jacket

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Heard of Tenderloin? Non? Don’t worry, not many people have, but it won’t be long before you see every fashionista worth their trendy salt bearing something with the distinct "K-7" logo. Already a hit in their native Japan, the UK has yet to have been truly graced with the the delights of the Tenderloin, mainly because there are only a couple of stockists in Blighty. That’s why I have decided to feature this super-sweet baseball jacket (£300), and bring Tenderloin to the masses!

£300 is quite a bit for a jacket, but there are plenty of affordable tees, hats, shirts and badges, all with distinctly nutty Japanese stylings. Buy something, even if it’s just for the satisfaction of saying "I was there first" to your little mate who has only just caught on. That always feels good.