Tarantula Super Powerful Water Gun

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Tarantula Let’s face it fellas, Summer really is fantastic. It’s a season where women suddenly seem to come out of hibernation and shed their Winter skins, we get to drink copious amounts of beer in the sun and we’re actually encouraged to start huge fires in order to roast great slabs of meat for our friends and family.

Best of all, it’s the one time of the year where we can regress to our childhood and indulge in all out H2O-warfare. I’m talking water pistols, bwooooy! Thing is, when you were eight, did your 50p, clear plastic, cheapo water pistol have a motor jammed in it that allowed it to shoot a continuous stream of water 30ft for up to a minute at a time? Unless your name is Richie Rich, I doubt it. But now, with your youth behind you, the Tarantula Water Gun (£19.99 from Firebox) will rekindle the dreams of epic water battles where you were the Hydro King, and make them a reality!