Portable BBQs

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Barbecues: You’ve got two choices when you want to incinerate meat in the comfort of your own garden. Either purchase one from your local Homebase, or steal a load of bricks from the building site down the road and build one to your own spec.

But what do you do when you and a bunch of mates want a nicely seared steak on the beach or in the park? I guessing that you’re considering one of those crappy aluminium disposable grills, that take about an hour to heat up but then go out. Raw sausages anyone?

Thought not. That’s why, this Summer, every man should get one of these portable, folding Barbecues (From 19.99). Sturdy and truly portable, you’ll be able to load them up with as much charcoal as you want and have a steak sizzling away in no time at all. Then, when you’re finished, scoop up the ashes, fold up and pack into the convenient carry bag.