Wire coatrack

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Wirecoatrack_2Inspired by the humble paperclip, designer Tom Dixon hand welded stainless steel to create this wonderful Wire Coatrack.

Sold in two-foot sections, the Wire Coatrack is infinitely extendable, and can even be installed around corners. The welding skills demonstrated in the design of this item aren’t the result of art school (Dixon dropped out after six months), but rather the self-taught necessity of a motorcycle enthusiast (Dixon’s bike has landed him in the hospital twice, with one stay around three months, and it was during these recuperations that Dixon began toying with design to occupy his time).

If you look closely in the image, you can also see J-Me’s brilliant shoe rack. The super simple design gives footwear the appearance of floating in air, and by taking shoes off the floor means your hoovering days have been made that little bit easier. Magic! Both items are available from Design Within Reach.

By mofgimmers | June 5th, 2007