Adidas 2005 Edition Superstars

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Original retro sneaks, especially those that were part of limited edition runs, can be pretty expensive. Take the Adidas/Run DMC Brougham, a product of a collaboration from 1986 – £375! Worth it if you’re a serious sneaker collector (probably) but silly money to me.

However, at the same time there are some bargains out there. These Adidas Superstars, shown above, are a little younger, having been made for the manufacturers 35th anniversary back in 2005. At £100 they’re also a little cheaper, but with a limited number made that saw them sell out in only a few months when originally released, these are assured to become classics in their own right. Shown in their "Boston" edition, "Beunos Aires" and "Berlin" inspired designs are also available.

By admin | June 11th, 2007