Adidas 2005 Edition Superstars

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Original retro sneaks, especially those that were part of limited edition runs, can be pretty expensive. Take the Adidas/Run DMC Brougham, a product of a collaboration from 1986 – £375! Worth it if you’re a serious sneaker collector (probably) but silly money to me.

However, at the same time there are some bargains out there. These Adidas Superstars, shown above, are a little younger, having been made for the manufacturers 35th anniversary back in 2005. At £100 they’re also a little cheaper, but with a limited number made that saw them sell out in only a few months when originally released, these are assured to become classics in their own right. Shown in their "Boston" edition, "Beunos Aires" and "Berlin" inspired designs are also available.

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