Five of the Best: Band T-Shirts

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We’re now well into the festival season. With the Isle of White festival just gone, we can set Glasto, Reading and Bestival firmly in our sites. Even if you don’t have tickets for the big’uns, there are still a million one-dayers to go.

And what better way to show your support for you favourite band then by swelling their filthy, swollen coffers even more by buying their merchandise. Here’s five of the best t-shirts out there, which may or may not coincide with my musical tastes.

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1. Rolling Stones Tee (£12.99) – Okay, okay, I know these old buggers are charging £55 a ticket and are worth about £100 Billion between them, but this is an iconic image, simple as. Wear to: Anywhere really. They’ve just played there one and only festival gig this year on the Isle of Wight.

2. Arcade Fire (£17.50) – The new darlings of the hipster set, which would usually warn anyone off. But they’re actually good (all three hundred of them). Neon Bible is an awesome album. Wear to: Glasto, Roskilde festival (Denmark), Oxegen (Ireland), Latitude and Leeds and Reading Festivals.

3. Beastie Boys (£13.99) – Still Super Disco Breakin’ after all these years, the B-Boys are touring again this year in anticipation (hopefully) of a new album. And another thing, these guys still refuse to appear in any commercials. Take that Eminem. And Fiddy. And most other Hip-Hop "artists. Wear to: Roskilde, Bestival and when fighting for your right to party.

4. Muse (£13.99) – I’ve seen these guys three times now, a couple of small venues and on a big stage. They’ve never failed to impress. This is the sort of band that were made for festivals, with big, alien-invasion sounds and eye-melting laser shows. Awesome. Wear to: Oxegen, Roskilde, Benicassim.

5. The Who (£17.50) – Who? The Who. That’s what I asked! (Knock it off. It’s not funny). One of, if not the most influential bands of rock, according to popular mythology, The Who are nevertheless a classic band, and if you get an opportunity to see them, you should. Wear to: Roskilde, Glasto (Ha, you probably won’t get to see them).