Merkur Futur Razor

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When it come’s to shaving we, as men, should have a full facial care and repair routine. Ideally we’d steam our stubble first, slap on a good lather with a badger-hair brush, then shave with a cuthroat razor. After, we’d cleanse, apply an expensive balm and continue to moisturise throughout the day.

Yeah right. Whilst I’m all for an extensive shaving schedule, who really has the time? We do, however, owe it to ourselves to at least use a decent razor, which helps reduce razor burn. Again, ideally we’d use a cutthroat, but I really don’t fancy going into A&E every morning just because I’ve "nicked" myself.

So that’s where the Merkur Futur Steel Razor (£34.95) comes in. A best seller worldwide, this razor uses traditional blades, and will ensure your face feels as smooth as the day you were born.