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Men can be divided into roughly three groups. Boxers, briefs and jockeys. No, they’re not allusions towards different professions, but the type of underwear we sport ‘neath our trousers. You do have your "fringe" groups though – the type that wear giant, holey y-fronts or tiny cartoon character pants, but we won’t discuss them now…

Personally, I’m a boxers man – they’re comfy and loose, letting me swing free n’ lo. But recently I’ve been thinking. If, by some chance, I get lucky with the opposite sex in the future, will she appreciate my gingham-style cheapo boxers from Next? Hmmm… possibly not. So I could do a lot worse than procure my self a pair of HOM briefs or jockeys. They’re actually a good looking range of pants (I can’t believe I just wrote that) more so than Calvin Klein’s. Personally my favourites are the Vintage Sports (£16.99) available in black and white. I bet they don’t make your abs look like they do in that picture…

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