Ethical fashion

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Global warming, exploitation of foreign workers, huge multinationals muscling out smaller retailers.  The consumer market it fraught with horror stories concerning the destruction of our planet and the abuse  of human resources. So, taking a leaf out of the book of our sister site Hippy Shopper, I have come up with a few ethically sourced items that should ease your mind a little when it comes to the woes of the world.

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1. Nude Jeans – These cold wash jeans are made entirely from 100% organic cotton, so there’s no nasty pesticides or chemicals used in their production. Even the dyes used to colour Nude denim is sourced organically. £85, see website for UK stockists.

2. Fair Deal Trading trainers – Not really that much different from buying a pair of Converse All Stars (at £32 they’re about the same price) except that the materials used to make them are sourced directly from the producer, cutting out money grabbing middlemen. They donate footballs to children in impoverished nations too!

3. Funky Gandhi t-shirt – More fashion based on organic principles, Funky Gandhi have some awesome prints. The Cosmic Love Vibes print (£22) is so cool but also so kitsch, mainly because it’s based on the cover of a 1970s love story!

4. Secondhand jackets – You don’t have to buy organic or fair trade products to be an ethical shopper. If everyone recycled or bought recycled clothes then there would be less demand for new stuff to be manufactured. They’ve got some great vintage jacket on Rusty Zipper and the goods are at very fair prices too.

5. Bicycle tyre belt – Available through Howies, this Mad-Max style belt (£30) is literally made from an old tyre. Considering tyres make up a large proportion of landfill in the UK (not to mention fly tipping debris), I reckon ALL clothing should be made from tyres. Then and only then can I fulfill my dream of being the Michelin man… sorry.