Aldo Valerio shoes

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I’m a complete bum – I don’t feel more comfortable than when I’m sitting about in a pair of raggy shorts and a nicely worn in tee. But there is the odd occasion when I like to wash behind my ears, spray on a bit of cologne and dress acceptably for social interaction. This is true for many men, which is why we all need a good pair of shoes. And I’m not talking about a pair of Clarke’s brogues.

I immediately fell in love with these Aldo Valerio lace ups (£79.99). With these it’s all about the detail – while they’ve got a classic style, the perforations on the upper give them a unique look. You don’t necessarily need to be wearing a suit or tux either. This season’s Reiss Collection shows how you can take a formal look yet, contrarily, wear it in a relaxed manner. Long live shoes with shorts!