Beverage of the Week: Whiskey Sour

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It’s that time of the week again. The filing can wait until Monday, colleagues are lobbing paper planes across the office and you’re rude to anyone on the phone (when you can be bothered to answer it). You can only just about read this as most of your brain power is being used to devise a scheme to get off work early so you can get so inebriated you can just forget about your dismal, little existence for the next 24 hours. Yes, it’s Friday, and I am here to help you along your way to alcohol induced amnesia.

This weeks booze is my favourite cocktail made using Maker’s Mark bourbon, one of the best sipping whiskeys around. Not so sweet as JD, it’s a little bit drier with a woody aftertaste, perfect for a whiskey sour. Keep on reading for the recipe.

You will need: Bottle of Maker’s Mark (£25), Bottle of lemon juice, bottle of lime juice, 1ltr of good orange juice, caster sugar, Angostura bitters, two egg whites (optional), ice.

This is a pretty simple recipe and you can change the quantities depending on the balance of sweet and sourness you prefer.

First make up the sour mix. This should be enough mix for four drinks. Put 100g of caster sugar in a jug, then add 100mls of lemon juice and 100mls of lime juice and mix. Top this up with half a litre of the orange juice. Traditionally two egg whites are mixed in too. It gives the drink a smoother texture but it’s entirely up to you. Taste the mixture. It should be quite tangy. If its too sour, add another few spoonfuls of caster sugar.

Now add ice to four tall tumblers and pour in a shot of Marker’s Mark. Pour the sour concoction into the glass and mix. Finish with  a couple of dashes of bitters and a slice of orange. And Drink.