Top five: hats

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Now we might not ever see hat wearing of the proportions seen in those photos in pubs of football fans from the ’20s but hats are definitely making a comeback. Choose your straw hats carefully, please don’t go for the faux-aged sprayedbrown straw stetsons, they will make you look like a runaway from a local theatre production of Oklahoma! Trucker caps are an equally bad idea especially the ironic variety as you will look like a student from 2001. Caps look good on the under 30s and should either be retro or be interestingly patterned and beanies are indispensable for hangovers and hiding dirty hair. See after the jump for full product links.

Stripe beanie, Topman: £8. CA4LA straw trilby, Browns: £135. Denim porter hat, Monsoon: £14. Seagrass straw hat, Marks and Spencer: £15. Print baseball cap, Topman: £10.