Katharine Hamnett at Tesco

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"Let’s all go to Tesco, where your mum buys your best clothes, a-la la la, a-la la la la."

If you were one of those kids who had fleas and smelled of stale biscuits, you most probably remember the above line, sung in shrill unison by all your class mates, with all too agonising clarity. And it was  probably true, you smelly fleabag.

But no longer shall you be haunted by your past, because Tesco has bought in some top designers to makeover their clothing range. One such designer is Katharine Hamnett who has extended her "Choose Love" organic clothing line into the store. It’s fairly simple stuff, like this polo shirt. But at £10 a pop for an organically produced tee from Katharine Hamnett, I’m not going to complain. I’m still not going to tell anyone it’s from Tesco though…