Top 5 sunglasses

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Apparently it’s Summer, but I’m not sure, considering I got soaked twice this weekend. Not that I was at Glastonbury or doing anything even remotely outdoorsy. I was walking to and from the shops. Bloody rain.

Anyway, it’s supposed to be Summer, so we should all be slapping on suncream, wearing hats and protecting our eyes from harmful rays. In regards to sunglasses we should be buying those with the lenses best suited to keeping out UV light… like we actually care about that. We just want to look a rock star with a hangover.

Personally I prefer the aviator style, but it looks like the classic Wayfarer look is in this year. Here are 5 different, badass shades that you can choose from, just so you don’t end up looking like Dame Edna.

1. Oliver Peoples Strummer (£165) – Classic shaped aviators with spice-brown lenses. Oliver Peoples is Brad Pitts glasses maker of choice, dontcha know?

2. Ray-Ban Wayfarer (£72) – Classics. Depending on how you play it, you can either go John Belushi in Blues Brothers and wear them with your trilby or Patrick Bateman in American Psycho and make them part of a chainsaw and prostitutes’ blood ensemble.

3. Oakley Radar (£80) – For the sportsman, these will keep out harmful UV rays that burn your retinas. They’ll also keep mud, grit and flies out of your eyes as you careen down a mountain at 100mph on your bike.

4. Super Dry Kojak (£24.99) – I’ve already reviewed these, but I like them so much I thought I’d include them here. They’re a little bit different and they’re cheap!

5. Versus 6032 (£60) – For all those of you who want to wear sunnies but don’t want to lose that "emo" look, I’ve included these just for you. They’re actually pretty smart, Versus being part of the Versace family.