Fila Zizzore Top

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It seems like you can’t buy an item of clothing these days without it being an "original", "distressed" or "vintage", such is our obsession with fashion of the past. Not that I’m too bothered. Most "modern" clothing is crap. Just look at the Nu-Rave look. Twats.

In truth, I do have a bit of an axe to grind about "distressed" clothes. I just think it’s lazy. But when it’s done right, vintage reproductions are spot on, especially when it’s concerning sportswear. I mean, just look at the Carlo Gruber vest I covered last week. Sublime!

Following on from that, the oft forgotten Italian sportswear make, Fila, have their own vintage range which recalls early 1980s football apparel. My favourite piece so far is this Zizzore track-top (£60) which comes in the original Fila colours. It’s got a bit of a contemporary mod feel to it, probably because of the colour scheme. With that in mind, a simple, gingham shirt underneath would look great.