The art of dressing up

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Today’s young people have returned to the dressing up box, our media obsessed
culture has created a young tribe of attention seekers. They know how
to reference better than anyone, they eat images, they devour them. We are heading for an energy crisis and it seems at times that the world is moving toward a holy war, a new youth revolution is desperately needed in this time of upheaval.
Much like the ’70s when punk began, this anti-hippy politically anarchic scene is fuelled by a spirit of rebellion. The nu-wave trend currently peaking in Hoxton Square, gives a nod to punk but ultimately it is just another fad. A main component of this fad
involves dressing up and getting noticed: "Look at me, I exist" it screams. It is the same since youth culture began and started to freely express itself. Call it punk, call it nu-wave, call it post-post uber modern, it’s dressing up, it’s fashion and it’s fun.

recently went to Boom Box in Hoxton and in the throngs of people dressed up to the nines there it all is, the spectacle
of Narcissus. When you’re young you think everyone is looking at you, and
maybe they are. I love the fact that people are getting dressed up,
creating characters and putting on a show, it’s a wonderful youthful energy and is
really inspiring.
In the end all of this rebellion is all about acceptance and finding your niche in an adult society. I think we never leave the playground, always searching
for the peer group who will accept us and fashion is a great way of bonding with like-minded people.

Boom Box photographs by Brian O’Callaghan