Grooming Guide: Skin care

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Basic skin care is something we can all aspire to as "blokes". We don’t have to be a "metrosexual" and we don’t have to spend hours in the bathroom to get a presentable mug. Having a blemish-free face makes all the difference in our everyday lives – it makes us feel more confident, looks more professional at work and can give you the edge with the ladies in your life.

So if you’ve got skin like a hob-nob biscuit with leprosy, read on.

What: Face Wash
Why: Duh, to wash your face, numb nuts. Face wash does not include soap, which severely dries out your skin and can cause redness and spots. Probably the most important part of your skin care routine, it takes mere seconds to splash your face with warm water, apply, then wash off. Do this twice a day, once in the morning, then again when you get home from work, especially if you live in the big smoke.
Product: SLS free face wash is hard to come by, but I found one by Pure Nuff (£5). Otherwise, try Anthony Glycolic facial cleanser (£18)

What: Facial Scrub
Why: Removes dead skin – revealing fresher looking skin beneath and unblocks pores – preventing spots. Use twice a week in place of your facial wash.
Product: Face scrub shouldn’t cost the earth as they all do the same job. King of Shaves do some great shaving products and now they’ve released and anti-bacterial face scrub (£4.99)

What: Toner
Why: Closes pores, preventing zits, mops up excess oils and refreshes the skin. Use after a wash and definitely after a scrub.
Product: Lab series (£15) comes highly recommended, especially if you have oily skin.

What: Moisturiser
Why: Stops your skin from drying out and going all flaky. Also prevents spots. Use after you’ve washed and cleansed and then throughout the day.
Product: I use Simple Moisturiser (£3) which is grease and scent free. If you want something a bit more fancy (you big dandy) then might I suggest Biotherm anti-dullness moisturiser (£25) containing oxygen boosters, revitalising plankton and caffeine, which reduces puffiness, apparently.

What: Clay Mask
Why: This is the big daddy of facial skin care. A holiday, spring clean and workout for you face all rolled into one. Cleanses the surface, removes dead skin cells, tones and tightens and gets right down into the pores to remove ingrained muck. Use once a week before a wash.
Product: Go to a health spa for the best treatments, or use Anthony clay mask (£22) in the comfort of you own home.