Jefferson Hack speaks to Christopher Bailey in his new column for the Telegraph

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JeffhackIt’s a great time for menswear at the moment, we are seeing more adventurous designs -on the catwalks at least- and the masculine influence in womenswear is testament to people’s interest in all things menswear. Hilary Alexander recently commissioned Jefferson Hack to write a fortnightly column for the Telegraph about menswear and it’s quality. In his latest column he spoke to Christopher Bailey, creative director of Burberry, about his influences and the
recent campaign that features the cream of British musical talent and beauty including Patrick Wolf, Agyness Deyn, and Larrikin Love.

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Chrisbail"Look at The Pistols, The Jam, The Clash or Freddie Mercury," says Bailey. "They are people who have all shaped and influenced fashion massively. The emotion of music is so
important to fashion. Look at the raw emotion of the Gallagher brothers. There is something very unstudied, spontaneous but completely compelling about them and their style."
When hack asked Bailey what he thought luxury was Bailey gave a pretty wonderful reply: "It’s about having the time to appreciate the beautiful things in life, whether they be materialist or soulful. A beautiful product to me is something where you feel like someone has put their heart into it and there is a real point of view with it." He added: "Luxury is also a day spent to yourself. None of us will ever have the time to do everything we want. I guess that time is what real luxury is."