Pete Doherty’s Dickensian look

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Walking to Red Snapper books for his book signing yesterday Pete Doherty looked more like he should be on stage singing: "You’ve got to pick a pocket or two!" Clad in a ratty top hat, suit, and silk cravat Doherty looked every inch the Artful Dodger as he puffed on a cigarette. Despite the raggedy appearance I must say Pete is looking quite well at the moment, he seems to have lost his drug bloat which made him look like a dirty baby!

By Isabelle | June 29th, 2007

  • David Walker

    Ignore the look-at-me hat and the cravat (which were big last year but have now faded away) and notice the suit detail. That suit has a double brested lapel on a single breasted suit jacket. I’ve done that with some of mine, always looks sharper if you are having a suit in a plain colour.

    I can’t imagine PD going to a tailor, so maybe some of the high street have picked up on this.

  • I say, I think that the casual classiness of Victorian clothing is very, very hot. It is so much more interesting than the hipster uniform of blazer, button-up or tee, tight jeans and printed scarf, even though its not dissimilar. Again, very hot. I’m female, so I *can* say it.